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Russian city adopts GIS for effective governance

Russia: The presentation of GIS, a system designed for the collection, storage, analysis and graphical visualisation of spatial data and related information on the necessary facilities took place in Makhachkala administration building, under the leadership of Mayor Said Amirov.

“The GIS is being implemented in all spheres of life, including the municipal offices. In 2012, the administration of Makhachkala declared an open competition for the creation of municipal geographic information system,” the source noted.

The event was attended by the vice-mayors of Makhachkala, the heads of districts, the chairperson of committees, departments and the branches of federal and regional agencies and services.

Opening the presentation, the Mayor Said Amirov announced the winner of the open competition – the JSC “Institute of geography urbanisation and design “RosGeoProekt” (Saint-Petersburg). The mayor, in particular, noted that the system developed would improve the quality and efficiency of a wide range of applications like territorial planning, integrated management systems of the territory, which includes engineering and transport infrastructure, the housing design project, etc.

Source: Dagestan