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Russia to suspend GPS sites on its territory from June 1

Russia: Moskovskiy Komsomolets has reported that GPS stations operating in Russia will suspend operation effective June 1. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin this will not have an effect on the quality of the signal received by Russian users.

The daily notes that the suspension order will go into effect if the United States prohibits deploying GLONASS stations on its territory. Overall 11 GPS stations operate across 10 subjects of the Russian Federation. The deputy prime minister said that Roscomos, Russia’s Space Agency, and the Foreign Ministry represent Russia in talks with the United States regarding the future of satellite network terrestrial stations; according to Rogozin, the talks are unlikely to exceed 3 months and either stations will resume operation or will be shut down permanently as of September.

Russia’s Space Agency had requested permit from the US government to build several GLONASS stations on its territory back in 2012, but no agreement has been secured to date. It is believed that American intelligence agencies suggested the stations would assist tracking for Russian missiles and Congress called GLONASS a competitor of GPS and thus advised against assisting its development
Source: Voice of Russia