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Russia to deploy up to seven GLONASS ground stations

Photo: RIA NovostiRussia: Russia is planning to deploy up to seven ground stations for GLONASS satellite navigation system monitoring and augmentation outside of the national territory in 2014, according to GLONASS/GNSS Forum Association Executive Director Vladimir Klimov. "It is planned to deploy about six or seven stations on foreign territories this year. Negotiations on the deployment of these stations are underway with foreign states,” said Klimov.

About 50 stations of the kind will be constructed, which will significantly improve the GLONASS performance and provide efficient applications for high-precision navigation services and smooth monitoring of systems of coordinates and Earth rotation parameters. So far, there are four GLONASS augmentation stations far from Russia, three in Antarctica and one in Brazil. Forty-six stations operate on Russian territory and up to eight in neighboring countries.

Source: VoiceofRussia