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Russia, Mexico to create satellite to forecast earthquakes

Moscow´s Mijail Lomonosov State University and the Autonomous University of Mexico will create a satellite to forecast earthquakes, scientific sources reported.

According to Mijail Panasiuk, Director of the Russian University’s Nuclear Physics Institute, the small satellite will help detecting and predicting tremors.

The scientist also told Itar TASS agency that earthquakes could be studied based on space information regarding magnetic fields and earth radiation flux. Panasiuk added that earthquakes are generally preceded by an increase of the magnetic activity.

A press release by the Mexican University revealed that the Russia-Mexico satellite would weigh 10 kg and be equipped to detect magnetic field flux. This would be the Mexican University’s second satellite after the UNAMSAT, launched in 1996 by a Russian rocket from the Plesetsk launching site, in northern Russia, the note added.