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Russia, Iran partner on earth observation satellites

Russia: Russia and Iran have reportedly signed a contract on wide cooperation in space exploration, ranging from training Iranian cosmonauts in Russia to possible production of earth observation and telecommunication satellites for Iran.

The alleged deal was boosted by the West's sanctions targeting Russia in retaliation for its position on the Ukrainian crisis. “A protocol on cooperation was signed on April 10 in Tehran after the fifth session of a Russian-Iranian work group on space cooperation,” cited a Russian newspaper.

The satellite part of the agreement is of greatest interest for Tehran. Russia pledged to provide sample images of earth gathered by its Resurs-DK and Resurs-P satellites, which allow taking photos with resolution up to 70 cm per pixel.

“Russia has assured the Iranian side that there is no insurmountable obstacle to the delivery of receiver stations to get satellite information from the Russian earth observation satellites to communication centers located in foreign nations,” the protocol reportedly says.

Moscow may further create and launch reconnaissance satellites under a contract with Iran. Another contract may be negotiated with Iran for a telecommunication satellite, which would be launched to a Geo-synchronous orbit by Russia.

Source: RT