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Russia grants EUR 20.7 mn for ERA-GLONASS project

Russia: The government of Russia has allocated nearly EUR 20.7 million for 2012-2013 for establishing and operating the automated emergency response system ERA-GLONASS. “The completion of the contract will be funded to the tune of RUB 400 million (EUR 10 million) in 2012 and RUB 430 million (EUR 10.7 million) in 2013,” a government press release said.

The government accident emergency response system ERA-GLONASS utilises the GLONASS technology for enhancing transportation safety. The ERA-GLONASS System will reduce emergency services” time-to-arrival by up to 30 per cent, saving up to 4,000 additional lives every year. All new cars produced or imported in Russia will eventually be equipped with this system.

The creation of the necessary infrastructure, which will include navigation centres and regional centres will be completed in 2013.