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Russia boosts space spending after setbacks

Russia: Russia will spend RUB 2.1 trillion (around USD 70 billion) under a state programme for the development of the national space industry in 2013-2020, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said.

“The total volume of funding is quite significant: RUB 2.1 trillion, including extrabudgetary sources,” he said.

The programme is designed to ensure the country retains its position as a leading global space power, while also supporting its defence capability and boosting economic and social development, Medvedev said.

“The programme will enable our country to effectively participate in forward-looking projects, such the ISS [International Space Station], the study of the Moon, Mars and other celestial bodies in the solar system,” he said.

Dmitry Paison, director for development at the Skolkovo space cluster, said that the programme provides the framework for other space-related programmes.

“It comprises the Federal Space Programme, the Federal Special Programme for the Development of the Glonass System, the programme for the development of space launch centres and the non-classified part of the programme for the technical modernisation of the industry,” he said.

Source: RiaNovosti