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Russia announces launch date of Glonass-M

Russia: Russian Federal Space Agency announced that it will launch Glonass-M navigation satellite by the Soyuz-2.1b carrier rocket on August 25, from its Baikonur space center in Kazakhstan.


Earlier, during a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Sergey Ivanov, on spending for 2012 and the planning period of 2013 and 2014, the agency demanded 181.353 billion rubles for next year. This demand is approximately one and a half in comparison to the figure approved last December by the “Federal budget law for 2011 and the planning period of 2012 and 2013.” 

In addition, the agency informed the government that, next year, the development of the navigation system will require 42.344 billion rubles and 49.201 billion rubles in 2014. In comparison, in 2011, the federal budget provisioned 19.293 billion rubles for the implementation of the federal target programme in 2011.

Currently, there are 27 satellites in the GLONASS system as of now, of which 20 are in use, two are in reserve and four are out of operation for maintenance, according to the Central Research Institute of Machine Building.
Source: www.brahmand.com & rt.com