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RTK functionality for Sokkia

Atsugi, Japan — SOKKIA TOPCON, provider of advanced solutions for the surveying, mapping, industrial measurement and construction industries, has introduced the addition of real-time kinematic (RTK) functionality on the GSR1700 CSX L1 GNSS Receiver.

The new AdVance L1-RTK engine achieves initialisation in few seconds for reliable centimeter accurate surveying similar to dual-frequency RTK, but at less than half the cost, claims the company’s press release. Superior RTK performance is made possible through the use of all available single-frequency satellite signals—GPS, GLONASS, and SBAS. The increased satellite coverage enables the receiver to work in areas where other GPS solutions cannot, such as in dense tree areas and urban settings, maximising surveying productivity.

The release of the new RTK engine makes the GSR1700 CSX scalable survey systems, allowing users to customise functionality to match their needs and budgets. Existing GSR1700 CSX users can easily upgrade their units to RTK operation by updating the receiver’s firmware and purchasing an authorisation code.

The new GSR1700 CSX RTK engine will be first introduced at Map Middle East Conference in Dubai, SAE on 26-29 April.