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RSI to Supply Jeppesen with Digital Elevation Data for use in Terrain Avoidance and Situational Awareness Systems

RADARSAT International (RSI) of British Columbia, Canada, and Jeppesen of Englewood, Colorado, USA, have signed an agreement whereby RSI will deliver digital elevation data that Jeppesen will use in building a worldwide terrain database. Jeppesen, in turn, will provide highly specialised subsets of the terrain data to its customers who will use the data in Terrain Avoidance and Warning Systems (TAWS) and other advanced avionics systems providing increased situational awareness to pilots.

The capabilities of RSI and its partners to meet the strict time deadlines, accuracy requirements and rigorous quality assurance standards required by Jeppesen were demonstrated with the delivery of the first digital elevation data set for the challenging terrain around the La Paz, Bolivia airport. The elevation data is created using stereo radar data collected by the Canadian RADARSAT-1 satellite.

Jeppesen, is a supplier of flight information is building an advanced worldwide database of terrain and obstacle data. From this data repository, Jeppesen will extract individual data sets that meet the requirements of the specific target system. Jeppesen’s customers are typically avionics manufacturers who will use the data in a variety of advanced avionics systems such as Terrain Avoidance and Warning Systems (TAWS) or other in-aircraft avionics systems designed to provide flight crews with increased situational awareness of the terrain outside the aircraft.

The terrain data provided by RSI and its partners will allow Jeppesen to meet the stringent regulatory requirements established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for TAWS and similar systems. Although many of these systems are just entering service, Jeppesen believes terrain data will soon be a standard component of the majority of new avionics.