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RSI launches new release of IDL and the IDL Export Bridge Assistant Module

Boulder, Colorado, USA, 8 May 2006 – RSI, a wholly owned subsidiary of ITT Industries, Inc. announced the newest release of IDL, IDL 6.3, the data visualization and analysis platform, and the release of the new IDL Export Bridge Assistant Module. These new releases bring powerful, new functionality that allows IDL application developers to easily integrate IDL applications with Java and COM development environments, as well as develop more robust and user-friendly applications. IDL 6.3 also delivers major enhancements to core IDL visualization and analysis capabilities including the ability to execute concurrent IDL processes, additions to IDL’s image/signal processing libraries, Motion JPEG 2000 file support, multiple monitor support, Windows XP 64-bit support, and enhanced HDF5 file format support.

New with IDL 6.3 is the IDL-IDL Bridge, a new process management object that allows IDL users to run multiple, concurrent sessions of IDL. Users can now delegate computationally intensive tasks to a background process while continuing work in the main IDL session. IDL 6.3 adds support for Motion JPEG 2000 (MJPEG 2000) and support for multiple monitors.

Additional IDL 6.3 enhancements include enhanced HDF5 file format support, Windows XP 64-bit support, large file support for Mac OS X, text object rendering performance improvements, tree widget drag and drop capabilities, API access from the IDL DICOM Network Services Module; and iVector – a new addition to the suite of IDL iTools.