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RSI integrates ENVI software with Sensor

Research Systems, Inc. (RSI), a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company, announced that it has integrated its powerful hyperspectral analysis software, ENVI software, with Sensor Systems’ high-performance RemoteView ELT software for application in the defense and intelligence fields. RemoteView software is widely used by defense and intelligence operational commands for national security imagery analysis. In addition to providing seamless smooth roam over multi-gigabyte images, RemoteView software provides a rich set of multispectral analysis tools including supervised and unsupervised classification, pan sharpening and band algebra. This integration gives users the capability to seamlessly use ENVI software’s advanced hyperspectral processing capabilities within RemoteView software – thereby significantly enhancing and speeding analysis processes involving this data.

Image analysts that have used RemoteView software in the past will now be able to do things such as hyperspectral data visualization and analysis, spectral-based target identification and automatic change detection using spectral analysis. Integration of the two products will be achieved through a freely downloadable software bridge that will be installed separately from the full RemoteView and ENVI software installation processes, making it available to all users of ENVI 3.6 software and later and RemoteView 2.4. The download will be available Q1 2004.