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RS database of world to predict disasters

Brazil: Group of researchers from Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) proposed to create remote sensing database of the world to monitor and predict natural disasters and catastrophes. IEEE is an international organisation with approximately 500 000 members, established in 1884, which publishes about 30% of the worldwide technical literature.

In Brazil, one of the representatives of the Association, Professor John Zuffo, Department of Systems Engineering and Electronics, University of São Paulo (USP), said, “I believe that within five to 10 years we will be able to develop techniques to deal with disasters and improving food production, among other benefits. The technologies already exist but are scattered.”

“The American Space Agency, NASA already uses several of these techniques, but much more than civil to military use. With the exchange of information to optimise its various uses, we can detect small movements of marine and terrestrial soils, which could provide the natural disasters hours or even days in advance,” he explained.

“This is an amalgamation of several areas of knowledge such as physics, chemistry, electrical engineering and mathematics, among others. We want something like Wikipedia,” he said. By the rapid advancement of technology, Zuffo believes that in a few years the network of the IEEE will be effective against disasters.

Source: uai.com.br