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Route Mapper provides comprehensive highway information system

IBI Group has undertaken the Route Mapper project, which combines the power
of high – resolution video, GPS and databases to provide a rapid method of recording asset and highway information. Key benefits of the system includes provision of a highly accurate, visual record of the entire network; faster method of recording asset position information than traditional types of survey; enablement of highly accurate sub 2 metre asset and feature positioning. It also includes precise feature measurement sub 10cm. IBI Group is a multi disciplinary consulting organization offering services in four areas of practice: urban land, facilities, transportation and systems. It has offices throughout North America, Europe and the Middle East.

Route Mapper Ultra System V2.0 vastly reduces the need to manually audit both CVI and asset surveys as a visual record of the network. This is available for QA procedures. It also has high resolution video imagery (1024*768 pix) which means that the text on even small street signs can be read and has the ability to integrate with corporate GIS, asset management and CAD systems. The collection system operates from a van or 4-wheel drive vehicle with up to four cameras and GPS antennae mounted on a roof rack mount. The collection system operates at speeds up to 50mph (80 km/h).

The video streams and vehicle position data are processed into spatially encoded video files that can be read by the Route Mapper video browser software. The processing of the data involves QA checking, GPS co-ordinate systems conversion and differential correction.