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Rosreetr to unify Russia’s real estate databases

Russia: The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) rolled out a project to unify real estate information systems in the Russian Federation. The project will cover activities of all regional offices, subordinated institutions and related organisations in the Federation’s 81 subjects. 
The Rosreestr already developed software to create a territorial information resource to consolidate the data of the State Real Property Cadastre and the Real Property Rights Register and ensure their interoperability. Working with others in real estate, Rosreestr is also gathering and publishing information about market conditions detailing useful statistics about the growth or fall in prices for selected periods. 
Services will be delivered electronically via Rosreestr’s official website which will ultimately enable users to register property units online, providing a legally recognised electronic document equal to its paper counterpart. Payments and enquiries about the status of an application will also be possible.  The  website  explains  how customers  can  access  and  receive  information,  such  as  document  searches,  office locations and rules and order of actions, and provides a range of interactive services, including online data delivery from recording systems and the Public Cadastral Map.
The project will also enable the paper-free delivery of information from Rosreestr’s data recording systems to all interested state and municipal institutions via the Unified Federal Information System. 
The project is due for completion by 2014 and has received funding from the State Budget of the Russian Federation. World Bank has also given a loan to the project.
Source: EuroGeographics