Rosen Aviation Selects Quantum3D Mapping System

Rosen Aviation Selects Quantum3D Mapping System


USA – Quantum3D, Inc. announced that it has been selected by Rosen Aviation to produce a three-dimensional (3D) mapping system and Human Machine Interface (HMI) for the new RosenView HD in-flight entertainment (IFE) system.

The Rosen-Quantum3D collaboration builds upon a long and productive relationship between Rosen and Quantum3D. Quantum3Ds IDataMap product is already flying on multiple business jets as a part of Rosens existing RosenView LX system. For the next-generation RosenView HD system, Quantum3D is delivering an advanced IFE HMI that includes high-performance 3D mapping with the fusion of multiple geospatial datasets, as well as additional advanced features. RosenView HD software development will be based on Quantum3Ds product line, which includes IData, IDataMap, IData3D, GeoScape synthetic environment databases and Facets 3D models.

According to Quantum3Ds director Mark Snyder, “The RosenView HD project combines Quantum3Ds world-class expertise in synthetic environments, HMIs, 3D digital mapping and embedded systems with Rosens proven history of successful IFE solutions. The RosenView HD application is a great example of an advanced embedded solution that can be deployed using Quantum3Ds industry-best tools and capabilities. We are very excited to further our partnership with Rosen on the RosenView HD project.”

Rosen Aviations Marketing/International Sales manager Phil Cowles added, “Rosen continues to develop products to expand its capabilities as a system provider. The next-generation 3D-mapping system allows Rosen the ability to place an exceptional mapping system in new planes and retrofit aircraft as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete IFE system.”