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Ron Fresne joins OGC as Initiatives Manager

The Open GIS Consortium has announced that Ron Fresne has joined OGC’s staff as Interoperability Initiatives Manager. Working with teams of technologists from agencies, companies, and universities around the world, he will have overall esponsibility for ensuring the successful execution of OGC Interoperability Initiatives, which include testbeds, pilot projects, feasibility studies and other activities.

He will work in OGC’s Interoperability Program (IP) and will report to IP Executive Director Jeff Harrison. OGC’s IP is a global program to organize and manage Interoperability Initiatives that address the geoprocessing interoperability needs of industry and government Sponsors. Sponsors pool their requirements and resources to create fast-paced initiatives in which industry participants make their geoprocessing software systems work together. These efforts ultimately result in internationally adopted OpenGIS Specifications for interoperability interfaces and schemas. Through these narrowly focused, hands-on, rapid-prototyping, multi-organization spiral engineering efforts, OGC has been remarkably successful in establishing cross-vendor, cross-platform interoperability among diverse and complex geographic information systems and systems for web-based map delivery, earth imaging, navigation, facilities management, cartography and location services.