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Rome to get new GNSS coordinate system

Rome, Italy: Superintendent of the Archeological Heritage of Rome chose the ancient harbor of Ostia, a major Roman archeological site, for verification of all its former control points and a new GNSS-based coordinate system. Using the Ashtech ProMark 500 GNSS receiver, the Superintendent will check and develop the existing network of control points and extend the network further into the archaeological area.

In addition, all points will be geo-referenced to the IGM – ETRF 2000’s Reference Coordinate System. The project will also be included in a technical and scientific study about new survey techniques and technologies for the preservation of archaeological heritage to be presented to an upcoming congress of Italian universities and archaeological institutes.  The project is lead by team manager Marco Sangiorgio, cartographer director coordinator, together with architects, Fabio Pandolfi, Stefano Stani and Aldo Marano.
Giorgio Viaggi and Luigino De Santis of Guido Veronesi S.a.s., a software developer and Ashtech dealer in Italy, assisted in developing the hardware and software solution, RTK survey techniques and data workflow procedures for the project.

Source: Ashtech