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Romanian company selects UltraCamLp

Graz, Austria: Primul Meridian, a Romanian surveying and mapping firm, procured an UltraCamLp digital aerial photogrammetric camera system. “Primul Meridian sees demand for digital aerial imagery in Romania growing over the next few years, so the time is right to augment our collection capabilities,” said Cristian Glont Dinu, General Manager, Primul Meridian. “The UltraCamLp will allow the firm to increase its production of high-quality photogrammetric surveys and maps and better serve our customers.”

Primul Meridian will be using the UltraCamLp system for photogrammetric mapping and cadastral projects throughout Romania. The new camera will be used in conjunction with a dual laser scanner and a smaller footprint digital sensor, currently mounted on a Diamond DA42 MPP aircraft. The smaller form factor of the UltraCamLp system compared to that of the larger image footprint UltraCamXp systems, allows it to fit more easily alongside the company’s existing data acquisition technologies—also a factor for Primul Meridian in choosing the UltraCamLp.

Source: Microsoft