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Romania to standardise street nomenclature

Romania: The National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI), the Association of Communas of Romania (ACoR) and National Association of Public Administration Information Systems (ANIAP) partnered to launch the National Electronic Register of Streets Nomenclature (RENNS) project in Romania. The RENNS project aims to create a unique national register of streets nomenclature.

In addition, the project aims to standardise and make available the allocation of street names and administrative numbers to simplify administration activities and reduce costs. The project would also streamline the collaboration between central and local government and citizens.

Currently there have been cases in the country where two streets in the same city have the same name, or the same administrative number is repeated on the same street. The RENNS project would correct the errors existing in the address system in Romania while achieving one of the most modern and necessary national registers.

President Director General of ANCPI, Mihai Busuioc said, “RENNS will decrease the reaction times of competent authorities, such as ambulances, rescue, fireman and police, which are dealing with emergency situations. It will also facilitate interoperability and data sharing at a national and European level and give access to the streets nomenclature.”

Source: EuroGeographics