Home News Rolta’s announces Q2 results; registers growth of 3.4%

Rolta’s announces Q2 results; registers growth of 3.4%

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Rolta’s announces Q2 results registering an increase of 3.4%.
Rolta’s announces Q2 results registering an increase of 3.4%.

India: Rolta has announced the unaudited quarter two results for the fiscal year 2017-2018. In an announcement, the company declared the consolidated revenue for Q2 FY-18 at INR 7.49 billion against INR. 7.24 billion in Q1 FY-18, registering a growth of 3.4% quarter on quarter basis. On the other hand, the consolidated EBITDA for Q2 FY-18 at INR 2.47 billion against INR 2.52 billion in Q1 FY-18, registering a decline by 1.9% quarter on quarter basis.

Consolidated profit after tax for Q2 FY-18 at INR 0.33 billion against INR 0.33 billion in Q1 FY-18, registering a growth of 1.2% quarter on quarter basis.

Mr. K. K. Singh, Chairman and Managing Director said, “The pace of technology and its rapid absorption together with the disruption it can bring in every walk of life is accelerating day by day. At Rolta our IP led solutions strategy and investments in the recent past have been focused on the Digital technologies for all our lines of business.

This is ensuring Rolta remains resilient and relevant as it helps organizations to successfully embark on their Digital Transformation journey. This is helping the Company to forge long-term relationships with its customers, and create new opportunities that deliver significant value and returns.”

Rolta’s persistent efforts at innovation and R&D continues unabated to augment and enrich its growing portfolio of software products and solutions addressing the growing demand for Digital transformation cutting across industries. As a result, Rolta is now able to venture into new solution areas while also judiciously treading into allied industry verticals.

The company’s single-minded pursuit for developing innovative IP has also resulted in the grant of patent (No. US 20150331584 A1), by the US Patent & Trademark Office. This patent for ‘Use of style sets to assist a user in digitizing GIS layers’ provides a novel approach to restrict users working on digitizing GIS features to specific style parameters and thereby ensure the creation of data that can be exported in a lossless manner to specific systems by mapping between styling systems of different products.

C4ISR has been identified as a key component for modernisation of the armed forces, ushering Digitisation, Net-Centricity and synchronisation of inter- and intra-services military operations. Rolta’s C4ISR solutions, deployed in hundreds of key operational sites along the land and maritime boundaries are being exploited for day to day operational activity. As a result, Rolta is poised to greatly benefit due to its track record and investments in creating indigenous products and solutions for the Indian Defence, over last two decades.

In addition to the existing suit of C2 and ISR, Rolta is focussing on cutting-edge technologies to develop a number of solutions like Rolta Operational Planning (ROP) Software Suite, War-gaming for CI/CT and Conventional Ops.