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Rolta upgrades its geoimaging technology

Mumbai, India: Rolta released Geomatica 2012, an integrated software solution featuring tools designed to solve challenging problems of remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS and digital mapping. With this upgraded software platform, Rolta continues to provide the high performance software tools that enable geospatial professionals to solve real-world problems faster and cost effectively.
According to the company’s press statement, the demand by users for effectively handling large volumes of geoimaging data is growing due to the increase of voluminous earth observation data from satellite and aerial sensors. Rolta Geomatica 2012 is enriched with sophisticated software tools and algorithms that enable geospatial professionals to complete their tasks much faster than before. The new upgraded software provides huge improvements such as on-the-fly image enhancements, drag-and-drop file handling combined with new functionalities such as optical and coherent change detection, making Rolta Geomatica 2012 an exceptionally capable advanced geoimaging solution.
Rolta Geomatica 2012 has been built from the ground up using 64-bit architecture and is designed to utilise the full breadth of a user’s computing resources to deliver maximum performance, while taking advantage of the proven track-record and experience of 100’s of users of earlier versions of Geomatica. Open Multi Processing enabled functions, optimised for multi-core and multi-processor systems, improve performance for the most resource-intensive tasks in the geoimaging and earth science user community.
Speaking on the occasion, Preetha Pulusani, Chief Strategy Officer of Rolta said, “The new upgraded Rolta Geomatica 2012 is targeted to fulfill the most challenging demands of an earth science user. Our focus has been to provide a robust and powerful solution to exploit the full power of their computing platform and to be able to exponentially improve the productivity of working with large images and data sets. We are pleased to stand by our commitment to provide such cutting-edge technology to the geoimaging and earth science community.”
Source: Rolta