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Rolta tests security solutions with forces

MUMBAI: Rolta India Ltd, a Mumbai-based GIS provider, is pilot-testing with state and central security agencies a slew of security mechanisms that can track, intercept and proactively thwart terror attacks. With security forces and some municipal corporations, Rolta is evaluating devices and technologies for trapping Internet-based conversations and solutions for intelligent perimeter security. Lieutenant general P P S Bhandari, Director-Operations (Defence), and President of Rolta Thales Ltd, a joint venture between Rolta and French company Thales, said the device that can trap Internet traffic only needs some credible intelligence input. “It can then intercept VoIP calls and decode them,” he said. Bhandari said that Rolta has the capability to compare and fuse disparate data to come up with a coherent intelligence picture and these are now under trial runs at a few security agencies. Rolta is also conducting trials of intelligent perimeter security, which, Bhandari says, goes beyond perimeter or boundary security of fixed installations.

“The new offering starts with making the perimeter intelligent through the use of sensors and other devices for tracking and monitoring. This is coupled with a secure and reliable communication system that employs jam-proof technology. There’s also a decision support system that proactively suggests alternatives for action,” he said. Rolta has already procured a licence to manufacture sensors.