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Rolta refutes media reports

Mumbai, India: Rolta India Limited is one of India’s leading IT companies, specialising in Enterprise Geospatial, Defence & Security Solutions (EGDS), Enterprise & Engineering Solutions (E&ES), and Enterprise IT Solutions (EITS). About a recent controversial news article, published by Indian media, the company said in its press statement, “Normally as a principle, we do not comment on such news articles. However, this particular news item questions the efficacy of operationally critical equipment deployed by the Indian Army and strikes at the very integrity of the company and the Indian Defence Forces, compelling us to issue this statement.”

Rolta said that it has been privileged to serve the Indian Armed Forces for over 20 years and is proud of its track-record, including in the Kargil conflict and Op Parakaram. The company is also deeply humbled by the hundreds of appreciation letters it has received, from its users in Indian Defence, lauding its efforts, especially in supporting the remotest of formations, in the most difficult of situations, over hazardous terrain and in actual operations.

The systems Rolta has provided, have been thoroughly tested, accepted and validated in both peace-time and war-like conditions. Rolta has always met and exceeded its contracted deliverables, including delivery of various software updates & upgrades. As a part of these deliverables, Rolta as an OEM develops and provides an integrated system, built around Rolta Intellectual Property, which includes various specialised hardware, software and services for a militarised solution. This solution also incorporates commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software from third parties, like Microsoft, Bentley, Intergraph, Oracle, etc. The company always takes extra care to ensure that all software is always delivered as per the licensing and end-user agreements, of each software provider.

Rolta has been able to deliver tremendous value to the Indian Defence Services over two decades. This has been made possible, due to an unmatched commitment by Rolta, in working shoulder-to-shoulder with Defence users and its huge investments of hundreds-of-crores in acquiring and developing world-class indigenous software that fully meets the stringent military requirements of Indian Armed Forces.

It is for the first time ever that a news article has carried such allegations against the company. Rolta refutes these allegations, which are absolutely baseless and seem to have been made with mala-fide and motivated intentions, by vested/competitive interests, to defame the good name of Indian defence ministry/forces and Rolta.

Source: Rolta