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Rolta & Intergraph enter into a strategic agreement

Rolta India Ltd announced on yesterday that the company and Intergraph Corporation USA, have entered into a strategic agreement to provide expert services to GIS customers worldwide. As per the agreement the Company will provide specialized GIS services in the areas of Project Consulting, Application Software Development and Customization, Implementation, Digital Mapping & Photogrammetry, GIS Data Migration, Data Conversion, Data Maintenance and System Management & Maintenance.

The Company said that, as a technology partner, it has been providing Intergraph’s GIS and PDS solutions for the Indian market for well over two decades. The Company’s technical capabilities and long standing business relationship with Intergraph, has been one of the prime movers for this teaming up. This strategic alliance between the two industry majors will offer a unique mix of solutions, services and technology expertise to Intergraph’s GIS and G/Technology customers worldwide.