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Rolta India Q3 FY-17 full unaudited financial results

Rolta India, a leading provider of innovative IP-led IT solutions for many vertical segments, including Defence and Security, has announced unaudited financial results for quarter ended December 31, 2016 (Q3 FY -17).

Financial highlights

  • Consolidated Revenue for Q3 FY-17 at Rs. 911.23cr (Rs. 9.11 Billion) against Rs. 736.95 cr (Rs. 7.37 Billion) in Q2 FY-17, registering a growth of 23.6 % Q-o-Q.
  • Consolidated EBITDA for Q3 FY-17 at Rs. 254.75 cr (Rs. 2.55 Billion) against Rs. 217.12 cr (Rs. 2.17 Billion) in Q2 FY-17, registering a growth of 17.3% Q-o-Q.
  • Consolidated profit after tax for Q3 FY-17 at Rs. 36.94 cr (Rs. 3.69 Billion) against Rs. 54.30 cr (Rs. 5.43 Billion) in Q2 FY-17, registering a decline of 32.0% Q-o-Q.
  •  Foreign Exchange loss for Q3 FY-17 at Rs. 16.09 cr (Rs. 1.61 Billion) against a gain of Rs. 15.79 cr (Rs. 1.58 Billion) in Q2 FY-17 impacting the profit after tax in Q3 FY-17 versus Q2 FY-17.

K. K. Singh, Chairman and Managing Director said, “Rolta has consciously made efforts to remain at the forefront as a solutions provider with a sharp focus on the Digital revolution. Having made significant investments in the recent years, the company today, is well positioned to address the huge Digital Transformation opportunities in the markets it serves.”

Corporate highlights

Rolta was the first company to introduce CAD, CAM and GIS in India.  Singh, as the Founder of Rolta, was recently honoured by the Geospatial World Forum by acknowledging him as a ‘Living Legend’ in the Geospatial Hall of Fame which recognized ten such World Leaders. On the occasion Geospatial World Forum stated “They inspire us to innovate, and motivate us to work towards making the world a better place. We salute these extraordinary leaders who took the road not taken and did the impossible – took geospatial technologies out of research labs in limited sectors and introduced it into our everyday chores.”

Rolta’s relentless efforts at indigenously developing cutting edge intellectual property was recently rewarded with the grant of patent (No. US 9,378,417 B2), by the US Patent & Trademark Office.  This new patent is for an image processing algorithm used for normalization of colour remote sensing images. This technology facilitates contrast enhancement of satellite images and is critical for defence applications as it improves image interpretation for greater situational awareness. Rolta’s continuous investment in R &D demonstrates the organization’s unparalleled commitment to the fundamental R&D necessary to drive progress in business. This new patent is part of a series of patents filed by Rolta which uniquely differentiates Rolta products giving them a competitive edge.

The Rolta OneView™ solution deployed by Cairn India recently won the Geospatial World Excellence Award selected by an eminent panel appointed by Geospatial World Forum. They chose this solution from a selection of over 30 nominations across the globe. This Rolta OneView™ solution stood out for its geospatial enabled enterprise business intelligence, predictive analytics and operational excellence with a focus on improved capacity and energy utilization of assets, risk management, improved safety and maintenance practices and supply chain optimization.

Defence and Security

Rolta has built a successful track record having served the Indian armed forces by developing and deploying Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) solutions. C4ISR is a crucial element for the modernisation of the Indian armed forces with a prime focus of building synergy in inter-service military operations. This indigenously developed Military-off-the-Shelf (MOTS) software continues to be enhanced with the addition of new features and functionality to act as a force multiplier. With the introduction of its most recent 64-bit release, Rolta has introduced the fourth dimension of time which places Rolta in the top league of global defence software suppliers.

The modernization and digital transformation of the Indian Defence has been accorded highest priority for all future procurements. Rolta as an Indian organization with its own IP is ideally positioned to address the large opportunities based on the recent “Make India” vision and introduction of new categorization, “Buy Indian IDDM” (indigenously designed, developed & manufactured). Based on Rolta’s deep defence domain knowledge and its proven BI and Big Data analytics platform, Rolta has been invited to bid for a major pan-India digital enablement initiative. This innovative solution is expected to deliver actionable insights and predictive analytics across diverse types of assets such as weapons & ammunition, vehicles, equipment, personnel, etc. Apart from being invited for all three large Make India projects announced so far, Rolta has also been invited to participate in a global RFI for another large project on Software Designed Radios (SDR).

Rolta has made significant inroads in the Homeland Security market in India by providing full range of solutions that cover Command, Control and Mission Critical Communications to equip the Police and Paramilitary forces with best of breed technologies. With the implementation of specialized communications projects across the country, Rolta has successfully established itself in the rapidly expanding mission critical communications segment. With the NAVTEX project implementation becoming fully operational along the entire coast of India including Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Rolta’s presence now covers the remotest corners of the country.

The Battlefield Management System (BMS) project is progressing well under the active guidance of Directorate General of Information Systems. As a part of its exclusive consortium with BEL, Rolta is responsible for complete BMS application software, GIS software and services. In addition, Rolta is working with BEL for Soldier Systems, overall system design, integration and installation.

Geospatial and Engineering Information Systems

Rolta has been successfully leveraging its Geospatial expertise and proven IP in the areas of Smart Cities and e-Governance which are gaining global acceptance. A few examples of recent wins include a multi-million dollar order from a Ministry of Housing in the Middle East to design, develop and manage a Geospatial enable web portal for Land Management. With the global initiative for better Cadastral Management Rolta has been selected to create the parcel fabric database for two countries in Africa. Another government organisation in the Middle East responsible for establishing and developing of industrial cities with integrated infrastructure and services in various regions chose to engage Rolta to build a geospatially enabled mobile application.

In the Smart City Transportation space a Roads and Transport Authority in the Middle who has been a long standing customer again elected to engage Rolta to enhance their spatial web applications as a single interface for issuing the No Objection Certificates to contractors. Rolta’s other projects entrusted by this customer such as the traffic permit system and their ambitious multi-million dollar multi-year unified Identity and Access Management (IDAM) continue to progress smoothly with the IDAM project achieving the Go-Live milestone. Similarly, in the Smart City Utilities area Rolta had been engaged in a multi-year, multi-million dollar project in UK to develop an ambitious geospatial enabled Enterprise Asset Management solution for effective digital workforce management. Here also a key Go-Live milestone was achieved recently.

As a pioneer in the Engineering area Rolta continues to grow and during the quarter won several prestigious projects. One of India‘s leading public sector engineering company decided to upgrade their engineering capabilities and selected Rolta for deployment of next generation 3D plant design solution for designing next-generation capital projects while remaining backward compatible with their existing infrastructure of engineering automation and procurement systems. Similarly, one of India’s leading private sector Energy and Petrochemicals conglomerate engaged Rolta for standardizing discipline-specific engineering information systems. Based on the strong confidence in Rolta’s design and engineering capabilities, a leading Japanese multinational conglomerate awarded additional contract for design, engineering and site support for projects being executed globally.

Enterprise IT and Cloud Solutions

Rolta’s Enterprise IT and Cloud Solutions group is looked upon to provide cutting-edge solutions for IT Transformation, Cloud-enablement and enterprise security culminating in multi-year Managed Services engagements. During this quarter Rolta won contracts worth almost $21M from a major National Insurance and Financial Services Company in the US for their Data Centre Transformation in order to manage their growing diverse international operations and the ever expanding data.

In the Cloud Solutions area Rolta has been assisting organization cutting across industry vertical to establish their Cloud adoption strategies. Examples of this include the deployment of a Hybrid Cloud worth US $3.5M for by a US-based speciality retailer while a leading global supplier of plastic fasteners contracted Rolta with a US $3.3M order to support their Cloud based supply chain applications. Other examples include building of a Cloud environment for a leading global supplier of Vision systems to support their manufacturing applications worth US $1.8M while a National Healthcare service provider in US engaged Rolta to enhance their Cloud capacity with a contract worth US $1.5M.

Big Data Analytics

Rolta has built an enviable track record to engage with customers in their entire BI and Big Data Analytics journey. Rolta SmartMigrate™ is an essential tool in automating several aspects of this journey for BI and Big Data Analytics platform consolidation cutting across industries and is gaining greater traction. One of the world’s largest retail chain stores based out of North America recently signed a Master Services Agreement to consolidate their dashboards and reports on to a single platform which is expected to grow into a multi-million dollar contract. While at the other corner of the world one of the largest dairy farm in New Zealand chose Rolta to migrate their analytics to the latest in-memory analytics platform.

Asset intensive industries in their quest for digital transformation have grown to trust Rolta for its rare combination of engineering know-how, deep industry domain knowledge and cross-functional technical expertise, to build robust Asset Information Management systems. These successes include one of the largest utility company in Africa who recently chose Rolta for the initial phase of their project while in India Rolta is now engaged with multiple refinery majors to build their Asset Information Management Systems.

Rolta has now established several marquee customers across the globe in the select industry it addressed with its flagship Rolta OneView™ enterprise suite. Encouraged by this growing success Rolta has now elected to leverage its robust and mature technology architecture and adapt it to new industries to serve, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Power Generation, Utilities including Water, Electricity and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, e‑Governance including City Operation Centres, Cyber Security and Crime Analytics for Security forces.

A good example of this expansion was Rolta’s ability to position its Rolta OneView™ product elements in a modern e-Governance and decision support system. Recently, Rolta has been awarded a US $ 2.7M contract for the deployment of a Rolta OneView™ based State Residential Data Hub for a State Government in India leveraging Rolta OneView™. This Master Data Management Solution will bring together a variety of information available with multiple state departments and map the pan India Unique Identity Data to create a single trusted data hub.

While in the traditional industry segments Rolta OneView™ continues to grow from strength to strength. A large power utility company in GCC chose to extend their contract with Rolta to enhance their Outage Management Analytics solution while another department within the organization chose to deploy Rolta OneView™ to generate compliance reports that have to be submitted to the Electricity & Cogeneration Regulatory Authority. Rolta was recently engaged by a UK based water Utility to provide Analytics as a Service over the Cloud. With the increasingly stringent UK Government regulatory and reporting norms, several water utilities are finding that Rolta OneView™ with its predictive analytics could become a natural choice to meet these ongoing requirements.