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Rolta closing in on US IT biz intelligence co

India – Mid-size technology services and IT engineering firm Rolta is learnt to be close to acquiring a US-based IT firm in the area of business intelligence. The firm has been searching for an asset that will add to its skills on the IT side and complement its core strengths in geographic information systems (GIS) and engineering.

In a strategy that is not dissimilar to Wipro’s ‘string-of-pearls’ acquisitions, the firm is building up skills in the areas it is not very strong and where it wants to grow, through acquisitions. Earlier this year, it had acquired Broech Corporation, an IT company specialising in ERP applications and Oracle database technologies, for $45 million. The acquisition of a business intelligence software firm is a natural extension to this.

While database technologies help to organise information in form that can retrieved and used easily, business intelligence software help in mining this information, and provide a variety of value-add through statistical and analytical tools for intelligent decision making. Prior to this, in 2007, Rolta had acquired a firm in web-GIS systems called Orion Technology Inc.