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Rolta bags $4 million 3D city model project

India: Rolta has been awarded a prestigious 3D City Modeling contract valued at $4million by a major Middle-Eastern country. The project entails the creation of a 3D City model over a large urban area of 3,000 sq km. Modeling a city in 3D involves deployment of very sophisticated technologies, such as aerial oblique imaging, photogrammetric mapping, street-view imaging, GPS surveys, laser-scanning and integration of numerous disparate data sources into a special-purpose data-model that lends itself to spatial analysis. Integrated spatial and non-spatial data will be accessed via the Web through Rolta OnPoint by diverse users based on security access privileges of each. Rolta will use a number of software suites from its large repository of intellectual property to perform specialized tasks for such modeling, besides also leveraging the Street Factory software from Airbus, Defense & Space for certain tasks.

This award recognises Rolta's unique ability to provide domain expertise and deliver sophisticated technology solutions that fundamentally change how agencies and governments fulfill their missions. This project is a natural evolution and extension of Rolta Geospatial Fusion platform strategy. Geospatial Fusion is an enterprise-level application framework that enables integration of disparate sources of geospatial and non-spatial data, and interfaces readily with third party application software to create a comprehensive solution tailored to suit the customer's specific needs. "We are very pleased to have been selected for yet another 3D City Modeling project. Our customer is among the early adopters of the new paradigm for effective e-governance and delivery of citizen services. At Rolta, we are excited to have the technology and the expertise to help customers participate in '3D Digital Globe' initiatives,” said K K Singh, Chairman and CEO of Rolta.

Source: Newswire.ca