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Rolta and Orion Technology form partnership

Rolta International, Inc., and Orion Technology Inc., recently announced a partnership agreement. Under the terms of the partnership, Rolta International, Inc. will provide implementation services for Orion Technology’s OnPoint Suite of web-GIS products to utility and government organizations. Rolta has been serving users of GIS and digital mapping technologies in these sectors for more than a decade. Orion’s flagship product OnPoint allows users to publish their GIS data securely and quickly over the web. OnPoint’s “no programming” solution provides enhanced web-GIS capability, reporting, querying and generating URL functions. It also allows users to connect to external databases throughout their organization, turning their web-GIS into a true enterprise solution. The OnPoint suite of products also offers a number of extensions to expand the software’s capabilities, such as InstaMAP, which offers cartographic quality map production over the web and OnSite, a comprehensive Economic Development tool. The OnPoint web-editor extension has also gained acceptance throughout the utilities and government industries for use in field work allowing authorized users to enter and update data from anywhere they have access to an internet connection.