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Rolta acquires public safety company

Mumbai, India: Rolta acquired Dubai-based public safety and emergency response company ACLS Systems, FZC, through complete asset purchase. This acquisition includes acquiring the full portfolio of ACLS software technology including source code, design documentation, IPR rights and all other related materials, along with exclusive world-wide sales and marketing rights and the hiring of ACLS employees onto the Rolta Team.
ACLS software solutions are deployed and field proven homeland security applications for Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile and emergency response needs. These solutions have been successfully deployed by numerous organisations for managing multi-agency responders including police, fire-brigade and ambulance services. ACLS software is noted for its ease of use, adaptability to client specific requirements and reliability in supporting first responders in dispatch centres and in the field.
Acquisition of these technologies strengthens Rolta’s comprehensive solutions that are used to provide public safety, emergency communication and response to situational awareness. By integrating this software with the repository of Rolta IPRs and by leveraging Rolta Maritime Security Solutions, the company is now able to comprehensively address the needs of security agencies in an integrated manner for home land and maritime security applications. Rolta’s solutions cover intelligence gathering, surveillance, and emergency response through presentation of a “Common Operating Picture” to help in ensuring coordinated effort by all agencies.
K.K. Singh, Chairman and CEO of Rolta said, “Rolta’s Homeland Security Solutions provide users with a highly configurable, security-based, situation-awareness platform, which allows security operations personnel, command and control centres, intelligence analysts and others to collaboratively interpret information and make well informed actionable recommendations. Our customers in this segment will indeed benefit from this acquisition as we work to make our world more secure and safe.”
Source: Rolta