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Rolta acquires PCI Geomatics licenses

Mumbai, India: Rolta has entered into a definitive agreement with PCI Geomatics whereby Rolta has acquired licenses with perpetual rights to complete portfolio of PCI’s geo-imaging technologies, including source code, design and software architecture exclusively for India and non-exclusively throughout the rest of the world.

PCI is one of the major market leaders in geo imaging segment with an installed base of 400 licenses in India and over 21,000 licenses in more than 135 countries world-wide.

In combination with Rolta’s own offerings in photogrammetric mapping and related applications, Rolta will now be able to offer better solutions for processing stereo and mono satellite imagery in areas such as environmental modelling, forestry and natural resources, emergency planning and management, agriculture, security and defence. Further, this comprehensive technology agreement provides Rolta with access to ongoing and future PCI research and development, as well as new products and technology innovations. Rolta has also purchased all assets of PCI Geomatics India and has acquired exclusive perpetual rights for these technologies and its customers in the Indian subcontinent.

Terry Moloney, Interim President and CEO, PCI Geomatics, said, “This agreement is beneficial to both parties for it leverages each other’s expertise, market knowledge and reach. In combination with PCI’s cutting-edge technologies, Rolta’s solutions will provide unique opportunities to customers world-wide to better exploit modern imaging applications.”

K.K. Singh, Chairman and CEO of Rolta said, “This strategic and comprehensive technology partnership is an important milestone in the evolution of Rolta as a major global player in the geospatial technology space. This will enable us to offer world-class end-to-end solutions to our customers globally for applications in mapping and earth sciences, and to provide enterprise-level integration of their organisations’ spatial and non-spatial data through Rolta GeospatialFusion.”

Source: Rolta