Home News Rochdale launches GIS-driven website providing stats & maps to citizens

Rochdale launches GIS-driven website providing stats & maps to citizens

Rochdale Council in U.K. has launched a website providing facts and figures about every area of the Rochdale borough. The Stats and Maps web site provides information to citizens on crime, education, employment, health, households, population and local services. For example, if one wants to know about playgrounds, schools and recycling sites in an area, the system can provide maps of where they are plus a list of addresses and contact details like phone numbers. Or if you want to know how many households in an area have central heating and a bathroom of their own, the answers are there.

Stats and Maps can display information on a map, graph or in a table. Statistics can be displayed for different kinds of area, such as electoral wards, townships or police beats, and initiative areas such as Housing Market Renewal or Neighbourhood Renewal Fund areas. The site also estimates statistics for areas drawn by users and trends over time can be displayed. The site has been designed by Aligned Assets, a GIS company. The result is an innovative and powerful tool for data display that is easy to use. New data will be added and kept up to date according to needs of users. A Community Statistics Officer is responsible for the update of the site and available to give demonstrations on the use of Stats and Maps and advice on the use of statistics to voluntary and community organisations. The project is paid for by the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, the European Regional Development Fund and Rochdale Council.