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Robots on a rescue mission

US: Researchers from the University of Missouri have developed software for a robot with a laser sensor that can enter dangerous structures to assess the structure’s stability and locate any remaining people.
The remote-controlled robot, built by researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, is designed to remotely transport a Light Detection and Ranging unit (LiDAR) so that responders, such as police, military, firefighters, and search and rescue teams, can know more about dangerous structures before entering.

When inside the structure, the robot takes multiple scans using LIDAR that takes up to 500,000 point measurements per second. It also can scan through walls and windows.

After the scans, the software forms the data points into sophisticated 3-D maps that can show individual objects, create floorplans and color-code areas inside the structure for stability. Depending on the data size, the data maps can take up from half hour to two hours for the software to create.

Source: One India