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RoboFlight System acquires Aerial Precision Ag and AgPixel

US: Aerial Precision Ag, a manufacturer of agricultural unmanned aerial systems (UAS) has been acquired by RoboFlight Systems, a geo-referenced aerial data company that processes, analyzes, and manages multi-spectral aerial imagery data.

RoboFlight Systems collects data from remote sensing UAS as well as their manned aircraft, satellites and any other aerial data collection platforms in order to provide their customers with actionable information in industries including agriculture, livestock, environmental, utility and insurance. Data includes true colour imagery using near infrared, thermal, and LiDAR sensors. Aerial Precision Ag will be the company’s division that is focused on the agriculture and livestock industries.

Through this acquisition, RoboFlight now has the ability to capture imagery from five feet above crop canopy for millimeter resolution, up to heights of 500 miles depending on the customer’s needs. The Aerial Precision Ag acquisition follows RoboFlight’s acquisition of AgPixel in March, leading software for precisely interpreting aerial imagery.

Source: AgProfessional