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Robert M. Scaer testifies Intelligent Transportation Systems and Homeland Security before U.S. Congress

Robert M. Scaer, president of GeoDecisions, a software-independent spatial information technology company, has testified on intelligent transportation systems (ITS), homeland security, and the reauthorization of the transportation bill before the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure

Scaer, a member of the 15-member ITS Congressional Caucus Advisory Board, presented testimony on the application and benefits of the Intelligent Road and Rail Information Server (IRRIS) in providing solutions for ITS and homeland security. Developed by GeoDecisions, IRRIS is a Web-based system that combines the latest advances in information technology, geographic information systems (GIS), and location-based services to provide a tool for real-time tracking, monitoring, and routing of people, cargo, and equipment.

The ITS Congressional Caucus voiced concerns about traffic gridlock, homeland security, and improved performance and efficiency of transportation infrastructure. Congressman Michael Honda (D-CA) expressed a strong interest in GeoDecisions’ request for increased funding of IRRIS in TEA-21. Under the $218 billion TEA-21 legislation, the U.S. Congress authorized $1.28 billion for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

GeoDecisions’ philosophy is based on an enterprise approach to the integration of diverse information technologies. Its reputation for success is founded on providing a full range of innovative solutions to its clients. This includes strategic and implementation planning, requirements definition, database design and development, GIS-based utility asset management tools, linear referencing system design and implementation, custom application development and product training, and Web and wireless solutions.