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Road and Highway maps for Iraq, DEMs and vector datasets

East View Cartographic has available for sale a limited number of road and highway map sets for Iraq and the Middle East that were published five years ago by the US Defense Mapping Agency (the predecessor to NIMA). The Middle East Road Map Series is a six-sheet set of detailed maps covering all of, or large portions of, the countries of Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. They are 1:1,000,000 scale maps printed in English, which show all hard surface dual highways, roads with two or more lanes, and roads of less than two lanes including route mark indicators. The maps also show loose surface roads indicating which are all weather and dry-weather-only roads, and tracks or trails. Road distances between points are indicated in kilometers.

These maps are useful to humanitarian, media, construction, logistical, and environmental organizations, as well as service providers, consultants, engineers, and other individuals and organizations that are currently or will be traveling in the area. https://www.cartographic.com/xq/ASP/AreaID.33/RegionID.5000014/ClassID.3400/T

Other features identified on the maps are population centers, railroads and stations, military and civilian airports, hydrological features, relief features, areas of vegetation, and a glossary of latinized Arabic geographic terms translated into English. The map sizes vary from approximately 40 in/102 cm to 41 in/104 cm in width by 34 in/86 cm to 40in/102 cm in height, are folded and four color printed. Their projection is transverse mercator. They are also free of copyright restrictions.

These maps are no longer available for delivery from government agencies and we have only a limited quantity of the original six sheet series in stock. The price schedule for the above maps is as follows:
Single map US $49.95
Two maps US $39.95 each
Three maps US $34.95 each
Four maps US $29.95 each
Five or more maps US $24.95 each

East View Cartographic also has immediately available extensive topographic maps for Iraq done by both the U.S. NIMA and Russian map agencies at various scales from 1:1,000,000 to 1:50,000. Russian produced City Plan graphics at the 1:25,000 and 1:10,000 scales are available for twelve of its largest cities. Please see detailed information for all of the topographic maps at the following link. We have created Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and full vector data coverage for the entire country of Iraq, from Russian topographic maps at 1:500,000 scales. We have also created vector data for the country from 1:100,000 scale Russian topos. All features and place names have been translated into English according to NIMA standards. These datasets are available off-the-shelf and deliverable immediately. The 1:500,000 scale vector data is available in a grid consisting of 17 map sheets. The 1:500,000 scale DEM is 3 arcsecond resolution (approx 90m). It is available in 60 1by1 degree blocks, in USGS Ascii DEM format (other DEM formats available). The 1:100,000 scale vector data is available in a grid consisting of 301 map sheets. All of these can be purchased either by individual sheet or block, or as full country sets.

Also just available is a 50k dataset in English for the city of Baghdad. All the above data is available in any GIS format.