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RMSI Celebrates a Decade in Existence

RMSI celebrated its tenth anniversary of existence on January 13, 2002. The day was marked “Founders Day” on RMSI’s calendar to commemorate ten years since the incorporation of the company on January 13, 1992 by its founders, Ajay Lavakare (CEO) and Premal Mehta (Vice President, Software) in New Delhi.

On the Founders Day function held at the company’s headquarters in Noida, founder members and employees shared their experiences, compared notes and discussed the RMSI founding values which have helped shape the success that RMSI has enjoyed and that still hold true today. Many members of RMSI’s board of directors who could not attend the celebration sent their congratulations and wishes in the form of messages.

Ajay Lavakare, Premal Mehta and Hemant Shah (CEO, Risk Management Solutions), all Stanford University alumni, drew up the initial business plan for RMSI in California in 1991. In the last decade, RMSI has succeeded in evolving into a global professional IT services company, known in its three lines of business, viz. GIS and spatial solutions, software development & E-merging technologies, and risk management. The values that the RMSI brand stands for today are quality, delivery, trust and long-term commitment to its clients and stakeholders.

Below is an excerpt from an interview conducted by GISdevelopment.net with Mr. Ajay Lavakare, CEO RMSI

GISDEV: What have been the Major Achievements for RMSI, in the last decade?

Mr. Lavakare: According to me the major achievements of RMSI have been :

  • Revenues of US $10.5 million in 2001 at a growth rate of 120% in the ten years.
  • Staff strength of over 700 people from a start-up operation of two in 1992
  • Clients in twelve countries.
  • Long-term partnership agreements with several reputed companies
  • and Development of three lines of business – GIS and spatial solutions, software services and risk management

GISDEV: What, according to you has been the Turning Point for RMSI, in terms of growth and development?

Mr. Lavakare: RMSI’s first growth explosion took place in 1994 when it won a multi-year multi-million dollar contract from GE Capital Flood Services (USA) for the development of a flood risk geographic database and also won a software development contract from Risk Management Solutions for the development of an earthquake loss estimation software application.

A second turning point was the signing of a long-term agreement in 1997 with Oyo Corporation of Japan for providing GIS services and solutions to the Japanese market.

GISDEV: Where do you see RMSI in the Next 5 years?

Mr. Lavakare: Over the next two years, RMSI will focus on developing a solid sales and marketing organization in North America and the UK, and on increasing visibility in Continental Europe. RMSI will increase its domain understanding and knowledge in its targeted vertical markets.

In five years, I hope to see RMSI building on its leadership position amongst Indian GIS service provider to truly becoming a global leader of GIS services and solutions.