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RMS refreshes its Commitment to GDT Data

Geographic Data Technology has announced a new three-year agreement with Risk Management Solutions (RMS), a provider of catastrophe modeling solutions to the global insurance and reinsurance industry. The agreement will allow the continued integration of GDT’s geographic databases into RMS risk management products and services. It builds on a five-year business relationship during which RMS has used GDT’s U.S. street and address products for geocoding and mapping in its RiskLink, RiskBrowser, and RiskSearch software products, which are used by catastrophe managers and risk analysts throughout the insurance
industry. GDT’s Dynamap/2000 and Dynamap/Display databases include a detailed representation of streets and addresses across the United States, providing RMS customers with highly accurate geocoding throughout the country – in both rural and metropolitan areas – for a more complete risk assessment. RMS will also use GDT’s Dynamap/ZIP Code boundaries depicting the geographic extent of postal ZIP Codes to allow for analysis and modeling when street address information is not available to the end user of its catastrophe models. GDT’s Dynamap/Windstorm Areas are used by RMS to identify locations that fall within coastal areas used for insurance regulatory reporting and compliance in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, and Alabama.