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Risk areas are mapped in Teofilo Otoni

Investment from the City Hall on the Mapping of Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is required to avoid or minimize accidents on its infrastructure, even disasters such as landslides or mudslides. This is because the city, with its mountains and valleys, often suffers from geological and environmental problems related to landslides and floods. These problems are accelerated by urbanization and disorderly occupation of the city.

To know in detail this situation, the Ministry of National Integration will make a detailed study of the 12 areas considered risky in the city, through the GeoEnvi company.

The field survey that makes up the study begins this week by registering all houses that are within the risk areas considered priorities. So it is very important that people welcome GeoEvi technicians, who will be properly uniformed and identified with badges. The information obtained by them will be essential to carry out the planning and execution of constructions. In a second stage, the terrain geological conditions and intervention proposals will be collected.

The current project is a continuation of the previous work done by the Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM) and is called: “Data collection and analysis of vulnerability to natural disasters for the preparation of risk maps and presentation of intervention proposals for disaster prevention” .

Source: Aconteceu no Vale