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Rio Tinto introduces new 3D technology for mining operations

Australia, September 25, 2014: Mining major Rio Tinto has announced its latest 3D mapping technology for reduced cost and better efficiencies in mining operations.

The 3D technology offers pinpoint accurate mapping that improved efficiency of mining activity by ensuring it is tightly focused on removing high-value ore, significantly minimising waste and operational costs.

The new RTVis 3D software generates 3D images of mine pit activities that previously could not be measured, leading to greater ore recovery through sharper boundary identification, improved waste classification, reduced explosives, more accurate drill blasting and enhanced dig rates.

John McGagh, head of innovation at Rio Tinto said, "RTVis is a low-cost application that complements existing group-wide data technology in a way previously never available to enhance our mining operations. It quickly brings information to a much broader audience – from a single operator in the field to an expert team in the Rio Tinto Operations Centre in Perth. Armed with this detailed information, our operations to recover the ore bodies will be significantly more efficient and effective."

Source: Rio Tinto