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Rio maps areas at risk of landslides

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: The Geological Survey of the State of Rio de Janeiro (DRM-RJ) launched a project whereby, areas at risk of landslides are being mapped. So far, over 18 cities in Rio de Janeiro have been mapped completely. Mapping work has started in Cantagalo, Carapebus, Levy Gasparian, Macuco, Paraiba do Sul, Porto Real and Valencia. RJ-DRM will map another 18 municipalities in the state.

RJ-DRM’s project aims to map around 36 cities and 67 municipalities in Rio de Janeiro. The project is expected to complete mapping of the entire state by July 2013.

The President of the DRM-RJ, Flavio Erthal, said that after the mapping project, subdivisions of municipalities at high risk will be created. Municipalities at high risk are: Teresópolis, Petrópolis, New Fribourg, Niterói, São Gonçalo, Mangalore, Angra dos Reis and Barra Mansa.

Source: Brasil Atual