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RINO-120, a new product from Garmin has been launched in India

RINO-120 is a new product of GARMIN handheld GPS family, which has been launched recently in India. The RINO (Radio Integrated with Navigation for Outdoors) is a 7.6 ounce, 12 channel state-of-the-art GPS navigator and two-way communications combined with enough memory to download detailed mapping for driving, hiking, hunting, fishing—or just about anything else you can dream of. It’s waterproof and the peer-to-peer feature allows you to “beam” your exact location to another Rino user within a two-mile range (on the FRS spectrum)using “Position Reporting”. One can keep track of up to 50 other contacts from other RINO users. The radio functionality of the Rino-120 provides two-way communications for up to two miles (using FRS channels), and you can talk to friends or family who own conventional FRS radios. The Rino 120 has a built-in basemap consisting of Indian road and highway detail (including detail Delhi city map), along with 8 MB of internal memory for downloading additional road, street, and points-of-interest data from GARMIN’s exclusive range of MapSource CD-ROMs.

Aerial Services Pvt. Ltd. (ASPL) is the sole distributor of Garmin GPS products in India. From the time. Within the first few months of its introduction engineers in ASPL has given demonstrations to different government departments, different units of the Indian Army, the BSF, the Indian Coast Guard, police departments of states like Delhi, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh to mention a few. Everybody from the Army to the Police department wants to include this rugged GPS receiver in their fleet. People in India seem to be very excited about this versatile and sophisticated gadget, as this product is one of its kind in the market and is indispensable for its dual function as a GPS receiver and communication facilities with peer-to-peer position transmission features. Aerial.