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RIEGL introduces world’s first app for LiDAR data visualisation

RiALITY app by RIEGLAustria: RIEGL has unveiled its new iPad point cloud viewer called RiALITY, which is available for free at the iTunes App Store. This new, innovative App, the first of its kind, allows users to experience LiDAR data in a completely new environment. It also allows easier LiDAR data demonstrations through the use of an iPad. RIEGL’s RiALITY app enables users to visualise and navigate through point clouds acquired with RIEGL laser scanners. RIEGL scans can also be imported from RIEGL’s RiSCAN PRO software into the app, as well.

“We’re pleased to present a new way of visualising point clouds. RiALITY delivers this new technology by providing augmented reality technology in an easy-to-use app. Now you can easily send your client a 3D point cloud that they can visualise on their iPad, for free,” said Ananda Fowler, RIEGL’s manager of terrestrial laser scanning software. RiALITY features true color point clouds and 3D navigation. In a breakthrough technological development, the app features an Augmented Reality Mode. The augmented reality mode allows point clouds to be virtually projected into the real world.

Source: RIEGL