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RIEGL enters UAV market with RiCOPTER

Germany, October 8, 2014: Austria-based RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems has stepped into the UAV market with the launch of RiCOPTER — a high-performance UAV equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1 survey-grade LiDAR sensor. REIGL unveiled RiCOPTER and demonstrated its functionalities to a large crowd of visitors at the ongoing Intergeo 2014 conference in Berlin.

RIEGL, which is one of the leading companies in research, development and production of terrestrial, industrial, mobile, bathymetric, airborne and UAS-based laser scanning systems, also launched a new airborne LiDAR system, VQ-880-G, for topo-bathymetric surveying applications.

On the terrestrial side, the company has announced a new terrestrial laser scanner to its portfolio. RIEGL claims that the VZ-2000 is its fastest terrestrial laser scanner. It comes with a 1MHz pulse repetition rate and up to 400,000 effective measurements per second, with range performance of more than 2,000 meters. The VZ-2000 can be used for both static as well as mobile mapping.

Source: Our correspondent