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RICS guidance note on BIM implementation released

UK, September 25, 2014: RICS has released a guidance note on Building Information Modeling (BIM). The note provides information on how to implement and use BIM in the design, construction and operation of building projects, including facets of procurement management and asset management.

The first edition of the International BIM Implementation Guide, which has a restricted access to members of RICS, highlights international high-level principles designed for all types of built environment projects, ranging from small and medium to large and complex projects.

“Chartered surveyors and construction professionals worldwide are looking for practical guidance on how BIM will affect them,” said Alan Muse, director of built environment professional groups, RICS.

“This guide has been written by an international working group who has first-hand knowledge of global BIM in practice. It is extensively illustrated to form a bespoke, but clear, overview of how to implement BIM across land, property and construction.”

The guidance note presents a number of conclusions and recommendations that examine the implications of BIM adoption for the sector more broadly.

Source: RICS