Ricoh and GlobalSat partners to provide improved Geo-Imaging workflows

Ricoh and GlobalSat partners to provide improved Geo-Imaging workflows


Ricoh Corporation, specialized in digital imaging solutions, and GlobalSat Inc., an industry in GPS technology, recently announced a strategic relationship to provide unprecedented GPS accuracy of geo-coded digital images.

GlobalSat’s BC-337 is a highly portable CompactFlash GPS Receiver, which utilizes SiRF’s Star III low-power chipset. When combined with Ricoh’s GPS-Ready Pro G3 Digital Camera, high-resolution images are embedded with precise GPS coordinates.

Prior to this agreement, the Ricoh Pro G3 camera supported a variety of GPS cards that were based on older and more cumbersome GPS technology. As position accuracy is critical to most enterprise customers, many opted to utilize the camera with expensive and bulky survey-grade GPS equipment to achieve their accuracy requirements. The integration of the Star III technology into the GlobalSat BC-337 CompactFlash GPS Receiver card provides these accuracy requirements in a more compact, portable, and cost-effective manner.

In addition to significant cost and time-savings, the GlobalSat BC-337 provides extremely fast start-up times and WAAS support, positioning the Ricoh/GlobalSat package as the definitive geo-imaging solution.