Home News Rialto district in U.S. uses federal grant to purchase GIS

Rialto district in U.S. uses federal grant to purchase GIS

A special federal grant totaling nearly a quarter of a million dollars will help ensure that the Rialto Unified School District in U.S. is well-prepared in an emergency, both in training and technology. The $241,000 grant, is being used to pay for special training to teach district employees how to cope with disasters. So far, more than 100 employees have been certified, which includes training in how to do light search and rescue, triage and putting out small fires.

The district also is using the grant to purchase special GIS. The software uses GIS technology that merges historical records, satellite pictures and maps so users can research information in a specific area. Many districts use the technology for emergency planning, but few use it for business operations or curriculum. In Rialto, school officials are using GIS more than ever in managing daily operations, such as mapping transportation routes and tracking school vehicles. The district recently installed a live GIS system that keeps track of its buses and security vehicles at all times.