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RGI wins contract to produce highly accurate Image Maps for Canadian Government Emergency Preparedness

Resource GIS and Imaging Ltd. (RGI) has announced that the company has been awarded a contract by Natural Resources Canada, the Centre for Topographic Information Sherbrooke (CTIS), for provision of 100,000 square kilometres of highly accurate, five metre resolution satellite data from two Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) satellites owned by the Government of India and distributed globally exclusively by Space Imaging of Thornton Colorado. The satellite imagery, covering populated areas of Canada will provide up to date and accurate information in times of natural and man-induced disaster situations as well as information on road networks, new development and land use.

In 1998 RGI entered into a Value Added Reseller relationship with Space Imaging to produce the 5M Base Map IRS imagery product for North America in an agreement which included the licencing by Space Imaging of RGI’s IRS processing technology for use in the continental US and Alaska. Over the past three years RGI has processed over 1,600 IRS satellite images. The company has provided the Alberta Government with 5m IRS Image Maps of all of Alberta for access road mapping, development monitoring and a variety of land use mapping applications.

RGI is mid way through a contract with Space Imaging, the world’s largest distributor of satellite image products, to produce a two million square kilometre 5m resolution IRS satellite image mosaic of all of Mexico. Other RGI IRS satellite image projects include mapping the Trans Canada Pipeline Route from Alberta to Montreal, mapping an electricity transmission corridor in Honduras, mapping aboriginal land claim areas in Canada, and dozens of other IRS satellite image mapping projects from Alaska to Costa Rica.