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RGI announces $US 350 price for Landsat 7 images until August 31, 2002

July 22, 2002 – Resource GIS and Imaging Ltd. (RGI) has announced a promotional price of $US 350, $CDN 560, for all Level-1G Landsat 7 scenes produced from raw Landsat 7 data archived by Natural Resources Canada, the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS). The CCRS archive of raw Landsat 7 data for over 64,000 Landsat 7 scenes, covers all of Canada, Eastern Alaska, most of the Continental USA and Northwest Cuba and is updated daily. The promotional price of $US 350 per Level-1G Landsat 7 scene, reduced from $US 600, will be available until August 31, 2002.

RGI has been a value added processor of Landsat data since its inception in 1993. The Company began distribution of Landsat 7 images under sublicense from CCRS in October, 2001. Landsat 7 products being distributed by RGI include Geolocated Images (level 1G), Orthorectified Images, 12.5m Natural Colour Images, and a 12.5m Natural Colour mosaic of Canada. RGI also provides a range of custom Landsat 7 products for specific applications
Uses of Landsat 7 products include mapping, land use and land cover applications, wetland and vegetation studies, road, pipeline and utility corridor planning and many other applications of interest to government and the private sector.