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RFID to ensure safety of Indian school children

Kozhikode, India: Road Safety Authority of Kozhikode district in India asked permission from the Kerala State Government to use Radio Frequency Identification and Detection Card (RFIDC) in private school vehicles. It was submitted by the Authority to ensure the safety of school children.
According to the proposal, all students travelling by school buses are to be provided RFIDC, which will enable parents to receive SMS as soon as children get into the vehicle.
The proposal also calls for introducing GPS in vehicles carrying students. The decision to this effect was taken at a meeting of Road Safety Authority chaired by District Magistrate P B Salim. The proposal was finalised with the consent of police officials, bus owners, and representatives of school managements, PTA and students.
According to Salim, GPS and RFIDC will enable school authorities, parents, motor vehicle department officials and police to trace the location of vehicles carrying students. GPS will also help to monitor the speed of the vehicle.
Source: Times of India